A City Paved in Blood

A week ago I went to Charleston, South Carolina for the 8th Biennial Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora conference. When I found out the conference was going to be in Charleston I was hesitant and uncomfortable considering that this past June nine innocent black people were murdered at the Mother Emmanuel […]

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Towards Black Futures

A week ago, during the Giants vs Eagles game on Monday night football, the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered. It was met with a thunderous applause the world over well at least except for the racists who felt the film was promoting white genocide. The notion that the film was too […]

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Originally posted on Ife's Island:
By now many may be aware of a beautiful little boy named Cayden. In case you aren’t aware, Cayden was subjected to horribly racist comments made about him from one of his mother, Sydney’s co-workers. Gerod Roth using the alias Geris Hilton took a picture of Cayden while he…

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Jamaica’s Post-Colonial Hangover

Yesterday Septermber 29, David Cameron arrived in Jamaica on his first visit to the Caribbean as Prime Minister. The prior night (28th) I attended the People of African Descent Summit where the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines  gave a wonderful speech about the movement to make Europe pay for indigenous genocide and African […]

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On Sepetember 20, 2015 the eve of the start of the Fall TV season, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for actress in a leading role in the 66 years of the award show’s existence. Though I have long abandoned the need for black actors and artists to be honored […]

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The Racial Paradox of Jamaica

Jamaica is truly a racial paradox. You can have athletes in Beijing, the majority who have brown to dark skin, representing the masses of Jamaica to the world burning up the track, then you have the Jamaica Miss Universe competition where a stunning beautiful light skinned racially ambiguous woman is selected as the winner. My […]

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