Hey everyone, I know it has been a while since I updated my blog but I have been extremely busy with grad school especially as I enter the dissertation phase. I did however want to share a new venture I am embarking on with an old friend in the form of our podcast entitled Drinking […]

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I’m Ghanaian-American. Am I Black?

A great piece by novelist Yaa Gyasi who discusses the struggle first gen black immigrants are faced with in the United States. Though my parents, especially my father, constantly warned me about racism and my blackness I did not know what he was talking about because I lived in a predominately black area. I’m really […]

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Black & Undocumented: Caribbean Immigrant’s Long Fight for Citizenship

Great article about the plight of black undocumented immigrants. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/black-undocumented-caribbean-immigrant-s-long-fight-citizenship-n557441 Advertisements

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Psst, Black People are Able to Multitask

Black people are some of the best multitaskers I know.  See before enslavement when my ancestors were busy creating cultures and societies they were multitasking. When they were enslaved they still were able to multitask while managing to plan their escapes, rear children, subvert slavery in every way etc. During the Civil Rights Movement black […]

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The Death of My Teenage Naïveté

I like President Obama. I really do. I think Michelle is the best First Lady I will ever see in my lifetime and that Sasha and Malia are so blessed to have two great parents in their lives. They are truly the best first family I’ve seen in my life. Nonetheless, my relationship with President […]

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My Top Things of 2015

It’s been a minute because you know graduate school but I have been aware of all the events that have happened in the last two months in regards to how black lives are treated in America. It goes without saying how the recent non-indictment in the murder of Tamir Rice is beyond a travesty. At […]

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A look back at 1930s Limón and the real legacy of Afro-Caribbean immigrants

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
This article by Natasha Gordon-Chipembere appeared in The Tico Times. On two separate occasions over the last year, I have been asked for information about what life may have been like in Puerto Limón during the 1930s and 1940s. Those asking me were exhausted by the stereotypical notions of Limón being…

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