White Privilege is….Reflections from Abroad

​A short reflection on being abroad as a black man with everything happening in the US. These are ways I’ve noticed how I policed my body in order to survive, frivolous liberties I can’t enjoy, or thoughts I’ve had.
White privilege is not forcing yourself to stand in the front of an elevator with others in it with your back turned to them just so that they don’t think you’re trying to rob them.

White privilege is not having to speed walk pass people on the street because you are worried they think you might rob/rape them.

White privilege is not becoming worried when you see police in a foreign country and becoming instantly fearful that something could happen to you so far from home just because you’re black.

White privilege is not asking yourself “do I look too angry/threatening?” or “maybe I should smile to make them feel at ease?”

White privilege is not worrying about your family members back in the US who could easily become the next hashtag because their skin is melanated.

White privilege is having the country you live in truly be your home where you are treated as a full citizen and not like some bastard child.

White privilege is not getting ‘the look’ from strangers.

White privilege is not having to wish a fictional place was real so that you could be free. #Wakanda 

White privilege is getting your change in your hand and not on the counter. 

White privilege is not questioning the point of a PhD because in the end it can’t save your life when you should be focusing on your research.

White privilege is not seeing bodies like yours repeated traumatized and killed and hearing that the victim deserved it.
After all of this I still ask, where can we go to be black and free?


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