My Take: The People Vs OJ Simpson

Honestly after watching The People Vs OJ Simpson Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant lawyer  that was able to leverage the anger stemming from the acquittal in the Rodney King beating to his advantage (special shout out to Courtney B Vance). Regardless of how you felt about the case, Cochran used the media, the aftermath of […]

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Article: The Rihanna generation: How black immigrants are reshaping America

Great article that looks at the immigration and influence of black immigrants in the US. The most interesting part is that the Dominican Republic is listed as a major site for the  emigration of black immigrants. I wonder if the participants self-reported their race because then that provides better insight to how Dominicans see themselves […]

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Black “Arrogance” as Defiance

Yesterday the Denver Broncos out-defended (because the game was all about the defense) the Carolina Panthers bringing an end to football season and giving white supremacists a moment to rejoice over the modern equivalent of “the great white hope.” If you haven’t been following football Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton is unapologetically black but he […]

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