My Take: The People Vs OJ Simpson

Honestly after watching The People Vs OJ Simpson Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant lawyer  that was able to leverage the anger stemming from the acquittal in the Rodney King beating to his advantage (special shout out to Courtney B Vance). Regardless of how you felt about the case, Cochran used the media, the aftermath of […]

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The Racial Paradox of Jamaica

Jamaica is truly a racial paradox. You can have athletes in Beijing, the majority who have brown to dark skin, representing the masses of Jamaica to the world burning up the track, then you have the Jamaica Miss Universe competition where a stunning beautiful light skinned racially ambiguous woman is selected as the winner. My […]

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This Book is Already so Good!!

So there is a scene in A Brief History of Seven Killings when a white man shows up while Bob Marley and his band are rehearsing for the Peace concert and he begins to question why Marley doesn’t do anymore of his happier songs instead of revolutionary ones. He compares the newer material to “angry […]

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Article Reader 12/3/14

This is a collection of articles from the weekend up until this morning. Ferguson is still the main focus in these articles but I have also included other issues of racial injustices occurring. Ferguson What White People Need to Know, and do, After Ferguson, Sally Kohn, The Washington Post Status Update: Dear White People, it’s OK to talk […]

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