Why We Still Need to Tell the Stories of Our Enslaved Ancestors No Matter How Difficult They Ar

So the Oscars aired last night and they were the whitest Oscars since 1998. This of course caused a lot of anger as the amazing film Selma was almost completely shut out was it not for the Best Original Song and the Best Picture Nominations. It would have been funny if Ava DurVernay’s look into the […]

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Reclaiming MLK

Today I participated in the #ReclaimMLK March starting at 110th & Lenox in Harlem. This march was different than the ones written about in About Last Night and on 12/13/14, this march was to commemorate Dr. King but also show how his dreams of racial justice have not come through with the constant killings of […]

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12/13/14, One Week Later

In the past week so much has happened personally with me finishing my first semester of graduate school but also more internationally with the announcement that the US will move to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and North Korea being behind the Sony hack that it is easy to forget what happened last week especially as everyone prepares for Christmas. We cannot let 12/13/14 idly slip into another date where people rose up to protest but no real change was brought.

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Weekend Reader 12/7/14

Eric Garner  No Such Thing As Racial Profiling, Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker  What the Eric Garner Grand Jury Didn’t See, Amy Davidson, The New Yorker  If Eric Garner Were White, Peter Beinart, The Atlantic Gabrielle Union: Lack of Compassion About Eric Garner Makes Me Fear for My Family, Ryan Buxton, The Huffington Post The US Injustice System-or How […]

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