Barack Obama tells Africa to stop blaming colonialism for problems

Barack Obama tells Africa to stop blaming colonialism for problems

I did not say anything about his comments at Morehouse’s graduation but this warrants a response especially since I voted for the man. We cannot be so delusional and say that people should stop blaming colonialism. Colonialism subjugated people of color to an oppressive system that denied them their humanity in exchange for power, wealth, and glory for a small white minority. Even though he never had a strong relationship with his father or his African heritage  you cannot honestly say that a country built on the ruins of colonialism would survive especially when colonialism propagates the idea that there is one way of doing things. Therefore, these economic problems make perfect sense without the the yoke of colonialism which in turn only bred corruption and chaos among the leadership of certain nations. No Obama please read a book first the Morehouse thing now this?

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NRA’s Black Reach-Out: Scary & Awkward

If it isn’t a black problem what was the NRA’s purpose of using a black man to call out Pookie, Billy, and Jesus (in other words stereotypical names to represent the different ethnic groups). And how does having more bullets solve the problem of inner city crime?

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And The Winner is……

I’m sure you all can guess what this post is about solely based on the title. That’s right I am going to be talking about the election and Obama and some of my thoughts on both. First off I would like to say it felt good voting for the first time and helping to bring […]

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