Experts Fear Dominican Immigration Ruling Could Cause Crisis

Experts Fear Dominican Immigration Ruling Could Cause Crisis

The fact that this is appearing in a Jamaican newspaper is evidence enough that stripping Haitian descendants of citizenship and sending them back to Haiti is where they have little to no connection  is wrong. This no different than an Apartheid South sending the native South Africans to live on “homelands”. 

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Finally worked up the courage to tell my doña that my flight is a week from today, hard to believe this time last year I found out I was able to come here, it’s going to be bittersweet to leave. After having to write a proposal for my school to allow me to come this […]

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Darkest Before Dawn

Soooooo it has been too long but the end of the semester is the same no matter what country you’re in. Bunch of papers, finales, the whole nine except they are all just in another language (easy right -___-). But anyways the last month or so has been an interesting way to end my time […]

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