Article Reader for the Week of 12/08-12-12

I should have released a reader earlier but this week has been very hectic with jury duty and final classes and papers. I have included the links to some pictures that I saw on Facebook that are perfect descriptions of what is going on in the minds of many. Since I have been late to posting […]

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The School-to-Prison Pipeline Is Targeting Your Child

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Is Targeting Your Child

This is a great article about how the school to prison pipeline operates on such n institutionalized level where minor things now equate to major consequences. I find it funny that these Zero tolerance policies started in the 1980s with Reagan’s War on Drugs which actually was a War on the Poor and marginalized.

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Two Hollywood Actors Get Stopped, But Not For An Autograph.

Two Hollywood Actors Get Stopped, But Not For An Autograph.

This may seem absurd to some but it proves that we are no where close to a post-racial society. Racism is alive and well in America and will continue to be so as long as people try to deny its presence.

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Why So Many People Believe Blacks Are America’s Racists

Why So Many People Believe Blacks Are America’s Racists

I completely disagree with this poll. Reverse racism is not possible as the true functionality of racism requires systematic power to operate. Also, we have to take into account the majority of these only 1000 participants were more than likely not black so therefore, they may live under this delusion that blacks are racist due to ideas of inclusion.

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[ENOUGH] ‘I Want to Do Something About It’

[ENOUGH] ‘I Want to Do Something About It’

A college student tackles the issues of violence that plague his beloved city of Chicago. Instead of just complaining he wants to actually do something to fix it.

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Afro-Latinos and Black History Month

Afro-Latinos and Black History Month

Should Black History Month just be from African-Americans?

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