My Take: The People Vs OJ Simpson

Honestly after watching The People Vs OJ Simpson Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant lawyer  that was able to leverage the anger stemming from the acquittal in the Rodney King beating to his advantage (special shout out to Courtney B Vance). Regardless of how you felt about the case, Cochran used the media, the aftermath of […]

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Black “Arrogance” as Defiance

Yesterday the Denver Broncos out-defended (because the game was all about the defense) the Carolina Panthers bringing an end to football season and giving white supremacists a moment to rejoice over the modern equivalent of “the great white hope.” If you haven’t been following football Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton is unapologetically black but he […]

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The Racial Paradox of Jamaica

Jamaica is truly a racial paradox. You can have athletes in Beijing, the majority who have brown to dark skin, representing the masses of Jamaica to the world burning up the track, then you have the Jamaica Miss Universe competition where a stunning beautiful light skinned racially ambiguous woman is selected as the winner. My […]

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The Nod=”I See You Fam”

I had a great interaction that made my day. I was coming from a store when I saw an older black man sitting on a bench outside. Our eyes met and then we both did “the nod” to one another. See the nod/the smile is a standard greeting that black people use to acknowledge one […]

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Why Don’t Black Countries Suffering under IMF Loans get the Same Attention as Greece???

This whole Greece “Crisis” is very interesting to me because all of a sudden people care about the IMF and its loans because one country threatens the European Union meanwhile countries with a majority black population, such as Jamaica, have been crushed by the IMF and its policies for decades yet hardly anyone cared or […]

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