My Top Things of 2015

It’s been a minute because you know graduate school but I have been aware of all the events that have happened in the last two months in regards to how black lives are treated in America. It goes without saying how the recent non-indictment in the murder of Tamir Rice is beyond a travesty. At […]

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Black Rule Book Entry #639

Rule #639: you shall not be black, a teenager and go to pool parties in white suburbia. If you break this rule white citizens reserve the right to call the police on you out of fear for their property and the safety of their community because black teens are automatically criminals. The police officers then […]

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Mike Brown’s Life STILL Matters

So I just read a report by the Washington Post that essential questions the entire Black Lives Matter Movement based on the DOJ report that investigated if Officer Wilson violated Mike Brown’s civil rights. Now the report did not charge Wilson and some people are so happy at this fact saying that protestors were “idiots […]

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Why Andre Lyon Matters

Many of my friends know that I like Andre Lyon portrayed by Trai Byers the most out of the three brothers and favor him to take over. When I say this people tend to respond “Buts he’s so shady” (but who on the show isn’t) or “He is being used by his wife” to which […]

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Why We Still Need to Tell the Stories of Our Enslaved Ancestors No Matter How Difficult They Ar

So the Oscars aired last night and they were the whitest Oscars since 1998. This of course caused a lot of anger as the amazing film Selma was almost completely shut out was it not for the Best Original Song and the Best Picture Nominations. It would have been funny if Ava DurVernay’s look into the […]

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Waking Up

This morning as I woke up I continued in the tradition that black people have been participating in since the days of slavery, I woke up with freedom on my mind. Maybe one day one of my descendants will wake up and not have to worry about the racial issues in the world but I […]

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