Mike Brown’s Life STILL Matters

So I just read a report by the Washington Post that essential questions the entire Black Lives Matter Movement based on the DOJ report that investigated if Officer Wilson violated Mike Brown’s civil rights. Now the report did not charge Wilson and some people are so happy at this fact saying that protestors were “idiots […]

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2014: A Year in Review

This year has been a roller coaster no just because of all that I have accomplished but because of all that has happened in our world. I started 2014 knowing that I would graduate from college and hopefully make it to a PhD history program. I did not know that I would have the opportunity […]

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About Last Night

While I was in the crowd my emotions raged war within. I was afraid to say the chants because of fear that I would get angry and then not be able to do something and start to cry. I was confused because last Summer was the 50th year anniversary of the March on Washington, this Summer marked the 50th year anniversary of Freedom Summer, and 4 days ago (Dec. 1) was the day 59 years ago when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and lit the fire that would launch the 381 day Montgomery Bus Boycott. I was confused because why was I marching? Why are WE still marching for people to realize racism is real?

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Daily Digest 11/26/14

Some of the most insightful articles I came across today: Cory Booker wrote a Column about Rodney King in 1992. It’s a Perfect Response to Ferguson, Libby Nelson, Vox Organizing Fergusons, Keeanga-Tamahtta Taylor, Jacobin  How Note to Use a Grand Jury, Jeffery Toobin, The New Yorker  Why Ferguson Burns, The Editors, The Nation Barack Obama, Ferguson, and Racial […]

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