My Take: The People Vs OJ Simpson

Honestly after watching The People Vs OJ Simpson Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant lawyer  that was able to leverage the anger stemming from the acquittal in the Rodney King beating to his advantage (special shout out to Courtney B Vance). Regardless of how you felt about the case, Cochran used the media, the aftermath of […]

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My Top Things of 2015

It’s been a minute because you know graduate school but I have been aware of all the events that have happened in the last two months in regards to how black lives are treated in America. It goes without saying how the recent non-indictment in the murder of Tamir Rice is beyond a travesty. At […]

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Towards Black Futures

A week ago, during the Giants vs Eagles game on Monday night football, the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered. It was met with a thunderous applause the world over well at least except for the racists who felt the film was promoting white genocide. The notion that the film was too […]

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On Sepetember 20, 2015 the eve of the start of the Fall TV season, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for actress in a leading role in the 66 years of the award show’s existence. Though I have long abandoned the need for black actors and artists to be honored […]

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The Power of Power

In every classic story at the bare minimum there are two kinds of characters, the hero and the villain. You are conditioned to cheer for the hero while praying for the villain’s downfall. There are times when the villain can become compelling such as Papa Pope in Scandal.  But what if there are no heroes or […]

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Upcoming Posts

So I decided to release a preview of some post ideas that are in the works so you all can see that I am committed to producing content. That Scandal Episode This post will deal with the Ferguson inspired Scandal episode and my reactions to. So much happened in this episode that it took a […]

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