A City Paved in Blood

A week ago I went to Charleston, South Carolina for the 8th Biennial Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora conference. When I found out the conference was going to be in Charleston I was hesitant and uncomfortable considering that this past June nine innocent black people were murdered at the Mother Emmanuel […]

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I’m Caliban

Yesterday was my birthday and I knew I needed a break to be happy and “free” from the constant brutalization of black bodies and the pain white supremacy inflicts on the black psyche. Calling in black felt amazing! Aside from avoiding Facebook and Twitter alerts of what was trending on Black Twitter I was able […]

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Calling in Black Today

For the next 24 hrs I am choosing to disconnect myself from the images of black people being brutalized and killed by limiting my time on social media. I will not take up the task up trying to educate people as to why we need to say Black Lives Matter or why white privilege and […]

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“Happy” 150th Juneteenth

We can't swim, we can't buy skittles, we can't listen to loud music, we can't shop, we can't play, we can't breathe, we can't pray. — Pete Haviland-Eduah (@TheNotoriousPHE) June 18, 2015 Was already weary. Was already heavy hearted. Was already tired. Where can we be safe? Where can we be free? Where can we be […]

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Black Rule Book Entry #639

Rule #639: you shall not be black, a teenager and go to pool parties in white suburbia. If you break this rule white citizens reserve the right to call the police on you out of fear for their property and the safety of their community because black teens are automatically criminals. The police officers then […]

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