Everyone Wants to be Our Friend Until We Open Our Mouth

It’s really interesting how the tables have turned. Following Ashley Williams rightfully questioning Hillary Clinton about her “super predator” comments, some of her white supporters jumped to Hillary’s defense saying how BLM is racist and how rude it was to interrupt. What’s interesting is how white Sanders supporters are happy for this and some are use paternalistic language about how “black people are waking up.” They have completely forgotten how they had the same exact response to black people last summer when Bernie was interrupted or more recently when Ta-Nehisi Coates published his piece about reparations and Sanders’ radicalism. This shows me what I long suspected about both camps and their white supporters, black people are only loved when we are being yes people to their respective candidate. The minute we question or push for more the white liberals that like us quickly drop their masks and their racism and white privilege are revealed. Truth is neither candidate nor their supporters have convinced me how either candidate will be good for. When the time comes I’ll vote but my expectations are considerably low.



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