Screenshot (1)ViolaOn Sepetember 20, 2015 the eve of the start of the Fall TV season, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for actress in a leading role in the 66 years of the award show’s existence. Though I have long abandoned the need for black actors and artists to be honored by mainstream organizations that have a long history of being led by mainly white men, her win is still very important. Just a year ago Viola was called “Less classically beautiful” by a New York Times critic who reviewed the then new show How to Get Away With Murder. The critique was rightfully met with harsh backlash that diminished Viola’s beauty, grace and talent to being an “angry black woman stereotype” but that did not stop Viola. Instead Viola delivered week after week on Thursday at 10PM collecting awards for her amazing portrayal as Annalise Keating along the way. Her winning the Emmy was the culmination of not only her hard work but of all the black women that came before her and Viola was well aware of this choosing to open her speech by reciting a quote by Harriet Tubman. Her speech was rapturous and continued in her push to have Hollywood examine itself in its broken mirror. This speech comes at perfect timing following Matt Damon’s thoughts about diversity in Hollywood. Damon’s opinions are likely held by many and represent the standard way of how things operate; nonetheless, Viola situated herself in a very political and socially aware moment. In a day when black people are fighting for their lives to matter in society, Viola continues the fight by critiquing Hollywood for not being diverse and living up to its purported progressivism. Viola disturbed the quaint respectability of the Emmys calling out the lack of roles specifically for black women all while shouting out all the current black actresses who had managed to squeeze through the tiny cracks in the glass ceiling in Hollywood to serve as leads on Primetime TV (Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Nicole Behari, Halle Berry). Viola’s win tonight was the cherry on top of the other two black actresses who also took home a statue. Viola along with Regina King and Uzo Aduba, show the stories for black women still remained untapped. Viola is a queen and tonight she showed the world why queens like her reign.

Sister Support for Co-nominees!!!!
Sister Support from Co-nominees!!!!
Kerry Washington Overcome with Emotion as Colleague makes history
Kerry Washington Overcome with Emotion as Colleague makes history
Black Queens Winning!
Black Queens Winning!



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