God Loves Haiti is A Beautiful Book

Currently reading the book God Loves Haiti, and the fictional President is recounting a story about when he was child and another boy teased him calling him a Dominican spy. The President’s father responded by saying:

“Did you punch him and tell him that Dominicans and Haitians don’t exist? It’s one damn island, one country of people stuck on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. We’re the same squirrels trying to get nuts from the same stingy bastards.”

The father goes on to recount the story of Trujillo and the perejil massacre from the Haitian perspective in Haiti and says that the differences between Dominicans and Haitians are only superficial. He points out the love for Columbus one one side of the island and the love for the “African soul” on the other. This is great companion reading to some works done by Junot Diaz. I might have to do a full review when I’m done with it.


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