Why are Black People So Afraid to Demand More from President Obama?

A black person commented on an article that black people who ask “what has President Obama done for the black community?” are upset that they didn’t get any handouts like caddies. Incorrect, justice and equality go a lot further than a caddy like you suggest. (This is probably a black person that considers them self progressive)/
Another person trying to answer the question said that President Obama has shown black men how to be fathers. Incorrect, black fathers have always existed before anyone knew who Barack Obama was. 
President Obama is not a king and if someone voted for him they are well within their right to question how the President is meeting the community’s needs. Why are black unemployment numbers still so high despite the economy improving under the Obama administration? The language of “He’s the President of All America” is well and good but dare not say that to any other minority group fighting for their rights. The fact that this term is used exclusively to shut black people up that demand more from the President is similar to the All Lives Matter garbage being spewed to silence Black Lives Matter and what it stands for. Both are steeped in the tradition of colorblind racism and are used to control black people and keep us silent. When people ask “what has President Obama done for the black community,” we are not trying to be rude or looking for handouts despite what the right has brainwashed many (including my fellow black people who are on the left) to believe, we just want our fair share.
Sure President Obama has started to make minor prison reforms that disproportionately affect black people but we can’t rejoice and say “see there is Obama helping black people be satisfied,” because for too long many black people have been satisfied with the crumbs that fell from the table. I for one want my steak and potatoes. We need to keep our politicians accountable (holding their feet to the fire) because otherwise they will continue to use our votes to get elected then sacrifice issues important to the black community once elected. This is why I LOVED the takeover Netroots meeting a few weeks ago by Black Lives Matter activists. We have to let these Democrats know that they better #EarnThisVoteOrLose.

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