Calling in Black Today

For the next 24 hrs I am choosing to disconnect myself from the images of black people being brutalized and killed by limiting my time on social media. I will not take up the task up trying to educate people as to why we need to say Black Lives Matter or why white privilege and systemic racism actually exist. See today is my birthday and I need to celebrate another year of life because as a black man in America everyday I wake up I defy white supremacy’s wishes that I die. Statistics said I wouldn’t make it to today for a number of reasons based in the structures white supremacy put in place yet here I sit in defiance with a college degree getting my PhD. I need to take a moment for me because I am experiencing racial battle fatigue and need to make sure I practice good self-care like many of my friends have been stressing. After seeing the video of Sandra Bland’s arrest I realized I really need these 24 hrs of rest. White supremacy in all its forms will still be here come July 23rd and most likely with another dead black body. So I’m calling out black today July 22, 2015 hold it down for me my fellow warriors.


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