Let’s Stop with the Respectability Politics

As black people we shrieked in horror when the young black teen from McKinney, Texas explained how the white woman told her and her friends to “go back to her Section 8 housing” yet with respectability politics, it is easy for those who have “made it” to write off the urban poor and stigmatize those that depend on section 8 (Talking to you Bill Cosby). As a community we get upset when a black teen complete with human imperfections is unjustly killed by he state , yet we quickly  hold our nose up when we hear that a similar child got in a fight at school without taking into account that child’s life. You can’t pick and choose when you want to be black, so you can’t decide that only the respectable black lives matter. Being black means embodying blackness in all its diverse entirety.  #EndRespectabilityPolitics #BlackLivesMatter


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