Black People Have Always been Excellent Shade Throwers

I’m sure I get plenty of looks in the archives because I always react when find  documents where the author is throwing so much shade it makes me wish I had a cup of tea! Take Frederico Smith’s response to people who advocated that Panamanians of West Indian descent assimilate where he wrote,  “I vehemently suggest that you and all other parties involved stop your despicable excercises in sado-masochotictic infantilism by unjustly denouncing and insulting black Panamanians who proudly maintain their Afro-West Indian heritage.” *Sips tea* He berates these people for another two paragraphs then ends by issuing a challenge saying “please meet my challenge and invitation or forever hold your peace, keeping your pen still, and your mouth shut.” This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are others who called out white privilege and racism so beautifully that they give me something to aspire to in the art of throwing shade and truth telling as it concerns the racial realities that black people have to deal with. #therealmvps #adventuresinthearchives #LifeofAHistorian


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