On the Wings of Black Spring: A Reader

If you haven’t heard it’s Black Spring is upon us emerging out of the Baltimore Uprising and an important part of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This is a reader with some of my favorite articles that came out this week that discuss Freddie Gray, the Uprising, Black Spring, etc.


Piece of the Week:

A Report from Occupied Territory, James Baldwin and Carrie Mae Weems

Change a few dates and names and this James Baldwin piece from July 11. 1966 could easily be today. Black people are still living in occupied territory with militarized police forces and inequality in jobs, healthcare, education, housing, etc.

Week’s Top Picks

Black Culture is Not the Problem, N.D.B. Connolly, The New York Times

Nonviolence as Compliance, Ta-Nehisis Coates, The Atlantic

In Baltimore. We’re All Freddie Gray, D. Watkins, The New York Times

Goodbye to Freddie Gray and Goodbye to Quietly Accepting Injustice, Michael Eric Dyson, The New York Times

The Brutality of Police Culture in Baltimore, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic


Baltimore Context

Who was Freddie Gray: A Closer Look at the Young Brother Behind the Movement, Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele, The Root

These Two Maps Show the Shocking Inequality in Baltimore, Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post

The History of ‘Thug’, Megan Garber, The Atlantic

New Study For Every 1,000 People Killed by Police, One Officer is Convicted of a Crime, Shaun King, Daily Kos

15 Baltimore Neighborhoods have Lower Life Expectancies than North Korea, Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post

The Long, Painful and Repetitive History of How Baltimore Became Baltimore, Emily Badger, The Washington Post


Black Spring and Revolution

Beyond Hashtag Activism, David A. Graham, The Atlantic

How Western Media Would Cover Baltimore if it Happened Elsewhere, Karen Attiah, The Washington Post

Not Looters, Liberators: Baltimore Rebels, Lamont Lilly, NewBlackMan

Hypocrisy: Americans Applaud Other Countries for Uprising, But not Black People, F. Taylor, Urban Intellectuals 


Other Important Updates

The Man Who Filmed the Freddie Gray Video has been Arrested at Gunpoint, Christopher Hooton, The Independent

Dear White America: Toya Graham is Not Your Hero, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post

Michigan Assistant Prosecutor Resigns After Calling for Baltimore Protesters to be Shot, Kate Abbey-Lambertz, The Huffington Post

6 Baltimore Police Officers Charged in Freddier Gray Death, Alan Blinder and Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times


Also make sure you check out my latest post on my feelings from the Baltimore Uprising and murder of Freddie Gray.

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