Mike Brown’s Life STILL Matters

So I just read a report by the Washington Post that essential questions the entire Black Lives Matter Movement based on the DOJ report that investigated if Officer Wilson violated Mike Brown’s civil rights. Now the report did not charge Wilson and some people are so happy at this fact saying that protestors were “idiots for defending a thug” (sigh). They base their conclusion all on the fact that the report said that based on the evidence presented, Mike Brown didn’t have his hands up so the whole “hands up don’t shoot” cry is a lie. I never based my anger on that. My anger was always based on the fact that an unarmed man was killed and isn’t here to tell his side of the story. Furthermore, the fact that Mike Brown sat in the street for 4.5 hours is what made this story such big news in the first place. Also continuing in the legacy of slavery, property is more important than a black life in America. As we have seen with the recent SAE video racism runs deep in America and anytime an opportunity presents itself for an individual to deny its institutional existence occurs, well they run with it. Mike Brown didn’t have to be perfect for his life to matter (all the racists that critics of the Black Lives Matter movement defend are also not perfect yet are always defended). #BlackLivesMatter needs to fight even harder now because the other DOJ report about policing in Ferguson shows that this institutional racism is not something made up by black people. We can’t change the hearts of people who are so invested in their white privilege so we just have to continue to work and as Oprah said wait till they die out.


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