Upcoming Posts

So I decided to release a preview of some post ideas that are in the works so you all can see that I am committed to producing content.

That Scandal Episode

This post will deal with the Ferguson inspired Scandal episode and my reactions to. So much happened in this episode that it took a while for me to gather all my thoughts about it. It is a part of the ongoing Blacks on TV Series. To be released week of 3/16/2015.

Why Being Mary Jane is the Bitter Medicine We (The Black Community) Need

Being Mary Jane  has often received the short end of the stick in the Olivia Pope age but it is powerful and important in its own sense. Definitely a more realistic show than Scandal, HTGAWM, and Empire, Mara Brock Akil’s drama touches on so many real issues we are facing in the black community. Also a part of Blacks on TV Series. To be released within the next two weeks.

Where are all the Afro-Latin@s on my TV?

As someone who has studied abroad in the Dominican Republic, I know first hand the skin color diversity that exists in the Latino community. Also after my study abroad experience, I know of the deeply seated racism that causes many Latinos to deny their African ancestry and look down on those with darker skin. Though I am not an afro-latino, I am aware the power role that images play in identity construction and will point out from my outsider perspective how the absence of afro-latinos on TV perpetuates the mestizaje or European Latin narratives. Release date TBD.

The Fear of Black Madness[sic]

This post will be covering topics I have addressed in the Andre Lyon piece and in the future Being Mary Jane piece. I will be discussing in more detail mental illness and perceptions not only as they relate to the black community but I will look at how mental health in the black community is directly connect to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The inspiration for this post was the death of Anthony Hill who was shot and killed even though he was not wearing any clothes where he could hide  weapon. To be released within the next three weeks.

Diversity in Our Blackness/The Black Ethnic Erasure 

This piece will be the first in a still unamed series that will tackle the “other” black cultural experiences in America. As a black immigrant I have personally been struck from both sides of black identity. On one hand I am culturally Jamaican through and through though to some Jamaicans I am more American because I was raised here. At the same time I do not identify myself as an African American because I view the name as a specific historio-cultural marker that as a first generation immigrant I am not a part of. This  piece will be my first attempt of explaining these feelings and why we need to celebrate the diversity within blackness itself instead of perpetuating the “one way to be black” rhetoric. Release date TBD.

Please stay tuned for these planned pieces as well as unplanned ones that I will probably have to write in response to some foolishness that is almost promised to happen.

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