Let’s be Clear, Scandal is the Reason We Have Cookie

TV is a tough business as fans are fickle and change as easily as the seasons. I say this because Scandal has been on the receiving end of a lot of shade lately because of Empire. Not only do I find it problematic that people are attempting to put two great but different dramas with black women leads against each other but the current debate shows how short the human memory is. Scandal was he first show to have a black female lead in a primetime drama in DECADES. After its success we saw this emergence of black actresses as leads or as more nuanced characters as production companies tried to recreate the model Scandal set. So in other words when you watch HTGAWM, Empire, or Being Mary Jane you can thank Scandal, Shonda Rhimes, and Kerry Washington for showing Hollywood how black women can dominate. We cannot de-historicize the impact Scandal has had on primetime TV because by doing that we are setting up ourselves to easily discard Empire when the next new thing comes along. #BlacksOnTv


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