Don’t be Fooled by Post-Racialist Arguments, They’ve Been Around for a While

So I am just doing some research for a paper I have to write when I read a passage that was very illuminating for our current racial condition in America and I just had to write about it. In this passage a Panamanian man writes to the Panama Tribune a newspaper that served mainly the West Indian  community in Panama during the twentieth century. In his letter he criticizes the paper’s position that there is racism in Panama but basically says that it is the West Indians’ fault that they experience animosity, He goes on to say that white Panamanians can’t be envious because they religiously, socially, financially, culturally, and racially different from the colored West Indians (keep in mind he claimed there is no racism). He says hate might be a better word but dismisses its use. He finally settles on the word disgust to describe how Panamanians feel towards the West Indians and brings up similar tropes of West Indians as criminals saying that 90% of the crimes are committed by West Indians (mind you the West Indians are an immigrant population so this statistic is highly unlikely). Amidst his racist language the author still maintains that there is no racism in Panama. This section spoke to me because of how similar language is being employed when black people critique systemic racism in America. People quickly say that “It’s black people’s own fault, they need to pick themselves up by the bootstrap.” People against #BlackLivesMatter quickly try to focus on black on black crime and use ridiculous statistic that attempt to make it seem as if blacks are more criminally inclined. Then you have these people “We have a black president so racism doesn’t exist,”  but the same people use the word thug as a safer way to say the nigger[Sic] and criticize black people for embracing a culture of poverty (Whatever that means, like who wants to be poor #confused). Then these people generalize urban environments using all of the previous ideas as places of poverty, crime and gang violence without admitting how institutional racism helped to create the current. I say all that to say this attempt to discredit the critique of racism is nothing new so don’t let these delusional post-racialists fool you. White privilege never wants to surrender to true racial equality so it will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo.

My face after I school someone when they try to tell me "It's black people's own fault for their situation and that I need to stop complaining."
My face after I school someone when they try to tell me “It’s black people’s own fault for their situation and that I need to stop complaining.”

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3 thoughts on “Don’t be Fooled by Post-Racialist Arguments, They’ve Been Around for a While

  1. Reblogged this on jcoleworld and commented:
    I was just having this same conversation with a few of my friends yesterday. This cycle of victim blaming, people of color is actually fascinating. Despite all the hatred and destruction that white culture has produced they have the nerve to blame the victims. As if we magically, just became like this over night. Instead of just brushing racism under the rug there needs to be a sense of aknowledgment and accountability.

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