You’d Think MLK’s Birthday Would Make a difference

On Dr. King’s 86th birthday the actor who finally portrayed him on the big screen and the black woman who told his story were not nominated for individual Oscars is ironic. Or maybe not really because Hollywood does this all the time with deserving black stories. This movie that comes at the beginning of this new movement should have received better treatment but that view does not take into account the white supremacy that makes up every facet of America society. Movies and tv tell the majority of people what to think, so a movie depicting self assured strong nuanced character played exceptionally by black actors was too much to ask for especially considering the current political climate. It is like they went into this not willing to allow two black centered films to heavily represented back to back. And people wonder why we say #BlackLivesMatter and this is one reason why. But I’m glad we have our own award shows which we all need to value more. I just know Viola better get that Emmy when. Make sure you go see Selma for yourself it is worth it. #IsupportAva #IsupportDavid #Selmaisnow #BlackLivesMatter


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