Weekend Reader 12/7/14

Eric Garner 

No Such Thing As Racial Profiling, Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker 

What the Eric Garner Grand Jury Didn’t See, Amy Davidson, The New Yorker 

If Eric Garner Were White, Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Gabrielle Union: Lack of Compassion About Eric Garner Makes Me Fear for My Family, Ryan Buxton, The Huffington Post

The US Injustice System-or How Caribbean Optimism Became Black Rage, Breanna Edwards, The Root

Man who Filmed Eric Garner in Chokehold Says Grand Jury was Rigged, Erik Badia, Tina  Moore, Corky Siemaszko, New York Daily News

‘Right Now Jesus is Saying: I Can’t Breathe’ Religious Leaders React to Non-Indictment in Garner Case, Carol Kuruvilla & Antonia Blumberg,  The Huffington Post

Police and Black Bodies

Loose Cigarettes Today, Civil Unrest Tomorrow, Justin Peters, Slate

Mommy, Why are Police Officers So Bad?, Jessica F. Hinton, The Washington Post

Ferguson Burns, South Africa Simmers,: Why America is but a Matchstick Away, Richard Poplak, Daily Maverick 

Fatal Police Encounters in New York City, Eba Hamid & Benjamin Mueller, The New York Times

Ferguson Must Force us to Face Anti-Blackness, Michael P. Jefferies, The Boston Globe

The Story of How a White Phoeniz Cop Killed an Unarmed Black Man, Terrence McCoy, The Washington  Post

Other News

4 Reasons to Reject the Racist Dutch Tradition of Zwarte Piet, Ishann Tharoor, The Washington Post

An Open Letter to Joe Scarborough: This is More Than Mike Brown, Jessica Ann Mitchell, The Huffington Post

#BlackLivesMatter Till They Don’t: Slavery’s Lasting Legacy, Daine Ramey Berry & Jennifer L. Morgan, Not Even Past

Despite South Africa’s Successful Black Middle Class, There’s Incredible Tension Between Police and Poor Black Communities, Carol Hills, PRI’s World

Looking for the Effects of the Black Friday Boycott, Jeff Sommer , The New York Times

Little Inspiration/Shameless Jamaican pride Plug

Jamaican Swimmer Alia Atkinson Becomes First Black Woman to Win World Title, Telegraph Sport, The Telegaph

After two weeks of bad news and frustration, Alia made the past two weeks a likkle bit brighta. Not just because she is from my birthplace, Jamaica, but because she will go down in history as a black first. Been following her since London and looking forward to seeing her at Rio!


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