The Illogic of Blaming the dead Victim

People that are saying that Eric Garner’s obesity caused his death despite the coroner’s report need to realize the way white supremacist thought works is that he could have been skinny but someone would have made up some ridiculous excuse saying something like “he was weak physically and that’s why he died,” or “his bones were weapons so the cop was only doing his job.” No matter the black body there will always be an attempt to justify why the person deserved to die. Despite what the system or society constantly shows I know my life matters not only to me but to my family and community. Yet many refuse to acknowledge the humanity of people like Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, myself, etc. The fact that people do not want to surrender their worldview because of their privilege to see what is in front of them is sickening and makes me question how are we going to rebuild this corrupt system if people are fighting to stay comfortable?  #BlackLivesMatter #ICantbreathe


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