Article Reader 12/3/14

This is a collection of articles from the weekend up until this morning. Ferguson is still the main focus in these articles but I have also included other issues of racial injustices occurring.


What White People Need to Know, and do, After Ferguson, Sally Kohn, The Washington Post

Status Update: Dear White People, it’s OK to talk about Ferguson. Isn’t it on your mind?, Heather Barmore, The Guardian 

SEE: 15 of the Most Striking #Ferguson Cartoons so Far…, Michael Cavna, The Washington Post

Darren Wilson: ‘America’s Model Policeman’, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, The Nation

Cincinnati: Ferguson’s Hope or Hype?, Simone Weichselbaumm, The Marshall Project

What Benjamin Watson’s Facebook Post Gets Wrong When it Comes to God, Sin and Ferguson, Peniel E. Joseph, The Root

This post got a lot of positive feedback on Facebook and as a Christian I completely get it and to an extent support it. At the same time we cannot reduce the importance concern racial issues to solely about sin but we all need to work at ending the problem. I truly believe that Christians need to stop waiting for things to change by sitting back, we have to act. Take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he was a Christian but I doubt he would summarize this whole issue as just a sin thing. BTW I do not empathize with Darren Wilson at all considering he is a live and a millionaire after killing Michael Brown

VIDEO: Ferguson Protestor Interrupt Holder, CNN

This video is not great because of what the protestors did but because of how Eric Holder responded. He has truly been a supportive figure throughout this ordeal. He has been able to use his position to seriously engage with the racial injustices that exist in the American justice system. Furthermore, these protests that have been occurring around the country are very important in every way that they have manifested. The #NotOneDime and #BlackDecember Campaigns led by Urban Cusp are two of many that are capitalizing on the discontent among black people to use their money and support black owned businesses this Christmas season. This coupled with the mass die-ins and walks out across the country are great to see.  Also President Obama’s request for money for bodycameras for law officials is another positive step.

Other Things that happened in “Post Racial” America

Between Ferguson and the Reaction to the Star Wars Trailer, Racism is Alive and Louder than Ever, Bob Cesca, The Huffington Post

In Conversation Chris Rock, Frank Rich, Vulture

Chris Rock was stellar and classically poignant in this interview especially in regards to race in America. The way he discusses the issues makes you laugh at how absurd the concepts of racial progress really sound when used to talk about the election of President Obama when in fact there have been qualified black people to lead during America’s entire history.

The Pain of the Watermelon Joke, Jacqueline Woodson, The New York Time

This was an amazing insightful piece by a great author whose books I read as a teenager that responded to a joke she recently faced.

Watch: Black Man Stopped by Cop for ‘Walking with his Hands in his Pockets’, Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root

Just as if things couldn’t get any worse now black men are being policed for having their hands in their pockets. Someone made a scary yet astute comment that at least this officer didn’t shoot first. Thank God for smartphones that we are now able to at least try to keep law enforcement acocountable because the cops in the Ernic Garner choke hold case were on camera but still choked him. This makes me wonder what will really come of bodycameras? Only time will tell.

Turkeygate: In Defense of Sasha and Malia, Amy Davidson, The New Yorker

In one of the most despicable instances of a person not respecting the President and his children, the now former communications director for Representative Stephen Fincher unfairly lambasted the Obama girls during the annual turkey pardoning. Not only does she assault the girl’s character by criticizing them for being teenagers, she goes on to trash talk President Obama and Michelle. This is beyond unprofessional, this is the racism many are fighting against. This multi-headed beast reaches in every facet of American life. Don’t let anyone fool you that if we are able to end police brutality against blacks and Latino communities that racism in America is over. That argument is what many used to justify the post-racial doctrine after Senator Obama became President Obama. So when I hear President Obama say we are doing better in regards to race relations I think of these instances when he and his family are completely disrespected and I wonder how far have we come again?


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