Man Arrested after Sleeping on the Train on His Way Home From Work

I respect and believe that there are genuinely good officers out there but I feel that the system has given way to the over criminalization of ever facet of our society. This man who fell asleep on the train after coming home from work was acosted by officers. Our society is built on the masses of people that work to keep the system going. This video for some reason reminded me of vagrancy laws that were commonplace in American society in the past.  I do not understand how this man could be arrested considering he was never given an official charge and he was only working for the semi-industrial system that cause the US to function. Furthermore, when will the lines be drawn and this police state mentality be ended. Please be advised the video may be graphic for some and has some cursing but the image is necessary for people to understand what the lives are like for the ordinary people who are just trying to make an honest living.


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