Finally worked up the courage to tell my doña that my flight is a week from today, hard to believe this time last year I found out I was able to come here, it’s going to be bittersweet to leave. After having to write a proposal for my school to allow me to come this study abroad program the email on my iphone (which I miss) made me scream out loud. That was the beginning of the journey I would undertake in 2012 from going to Jamaica, to South Africa, and finally DR and Haiti I can say I am not short of blessings and my passport is looking well used. I love the feeling of traveling and learning about another country. So often in America we are trapped in this glorified bubble thinking we are the most important and our country has always been the shining knight to save the day. Let’s be honest that has not always been the case (for instance President Reagan not wanting to divest US funding for South Africa’s Apartheid Regime). I have to say the Dominican Republic has had a completely different experience on my than the other three countries I’ve been too this year. For one I have never felt more inadequate then my first few weeks here. I knew my Spanish wasn’t native speaker level but I didn’t think it was that bad (glad I can laugh about this now the first few weeks it drove me crazy). Also this country and I have had a love hate relationship. For instance I love the culture, food, most importantly the people but then I strongly dislike the rejection of the African heritage that helps to make Dominican culture so unique and interesting. I do have hope that in the future this will change and the relations between DR and Haiti will improve now that people are beginning to see the error in their way of thinking. On a more positive note this experience has been life changing and I hope my friends and family back home will be patient with me I view the world a little more differently after this year but I have also learned a lot about myself by going to these different places. The most important thing about a country is not it’s culture but the people in the country that make it come alive. Everyone I have met on this world tour has impacted my life in ways I am not even completely sure I understand how as of yet. One thing I do know is I am not going to let my adventures end here, I will definitely return to DR now that I can survive in a Spanish speaking country and more importantly now that I have friends here. One other thing I must say congrats to the people in my group who put up with my histrionics this semester I know I am one of the most difficult people to be a friend with but you all were awesome and I have learned so much from all of you. It is actually good to know have more friends outside of the northeast now I an excuse to final visit other states. I have said this before I strongly believe it the world is as small as you make it and this year in traveling and learning whether it be reconnecting with my birth country, or understanding Apartheid in South Africa or learning more about the complicated relationship between Haiti and DR. I am not only a better scholar who is more well rounded on global affairs but I understand my personal values in ways that would not have been possible if I decided to stay home and play it safe. So I can say this world tour has been a success. Well if you excuse me I have to get back to work I am still a student till this Tuesday at like nine and I have a final bright and early tomorrow morning. Until next time,

Peace and Love,

Khemani G


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