And The Winner is……

I’m sure you all can guess what this post is about solely based on the title. That’s right I am going to be talking about the election and Obama and some of my thoughts on both. First off I would like to say it felt good voting for the first time and helping to bring Obama back to office I strongly encourage others to continue to use this right in local, state, and federal elections because if you don’t you are giving someone else the power to select someone for you. Now on to the election it was long and dirty very dirty and both sides fought very hard. There were also slip ups on both sides but you know I was rooting for Obama the entire time (If you didn’t look at my other post and reblogs). I felt that it would not be fair to give Obama only one term for problems that cannot be fixed so fast, after all George Bush was give two the least we can do is give that to Obama. Obama did accomplish a lot within his first term despite the GOP trying to discredit his work. If they want to discredit him we have to take into account how the Republican Congress made Obama’s efforts to improve America. I do not remember how many times they voted down the Obama’s job creation bill but it happened.  I felt that by trying to block all Obama’s legislative measures, they hoped to hurt his chances for reelection in 2012 but of course that didn’t work so hopeful they can put their self agendas away and get to working for the American people. I know that they want to be true to the political ideology and I respect that but the GOP is completely out of touch with the real America today. This was seen multiple times during the past few years with gaffes against minority groups. I do not feel the GOP could have earned my vote (I am a cross between a moderate Democrat/Independent) because of people like Newt Gingrich who said he would send poor kids to work as janitors to clean bathrooms (link below if you don’t believe me).  The fact that he would suggest that kids from urban areas do not know the value of hard work unless it is illegal was ludicrous. Also I felt that the GOP did not work to earn the black vote at all. One they were going up against Obama who although has not come forward and made bold initiatives for the black community as some would like he has helped to pass healthcare reform which helps poorer families (I do think that Obama should do more for the black/Latino community now that he does not have to worry about reelection). Second, the GOP especially Romney had a favoring for the rich putting them even more at odds with blacks. I felt in this election that blacks were practically invisible to the Republicans. They went after the Latino vote which was smart considering they are the fastest growing voting bloc but their ideas of immigration reform were not strong enough to receive their vote. There was also the 47% comment yea not a smart thing to say. In fact the GOP was so disconnected from these groups that the numbers of blacks and Latinos that voted for Obama in 2012 actually went up from 2008. Crazy ain’t it. Let me say this I am not way for everything that Obama says which I can say is a problem with some people, they automatically take what the President has to say as if it was gold. Let us remember he is not Jesus, he is just as man who is trying to help America reach its full potential. I can say this I will be more critical and hold him more accountable this second term due to the fact that I voted for him. Someone also pointed it out to me that Americans have to be critical of ourselves as well, we cannot expect this to go on as business as usual and get better results. We all live here so we all have to make an effort to help to improve. The GOP has a lot of work to do with their strategy because if things keep going the way they are I might just become a full fledged MODERATE Democrat (I heard they don’t exist anymore though). Well next time I will talk about my trip to Haiti and how it has impacted me. Until then

Peace and Love,

Khemani G.

Newt Gingrich clip


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