Fury: Lessons Learned from Sandy

So I am just getting to you all it has been a long week but I have to write about what is on my mind right now Sandy. With Sandy first barreling across the Caribbean as a late season hurricane and then slamming into the Northeast causing at least 71 deaths in the Caribbean and currently 82 in the Northeast including Canada, I can say this was not any ordinary storm. I have to say being away while this was happening made it really terrifying for me. I called my family constantly throughout the day to check up on them. When the storm was passing by me didn’t hit the Dominican Republic directly but it had a strong impact on the coastal regions causing flooding. My father told me he was concerned about me during this time so when the storm hit the states I could identify with his fear. The storm also caused major damage to Haiti taking several lives. Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas also got serious damage many areas were flooded and many people are without power. Then, the impossible happened, the storm became the first recorded hurricane to turn left instead of right when passing the east cost causing it to hit New Jersey and New York directly. Thousands of flights around the world were canceled causing people to be stranded where ever they were since three  major airports are located in New Jersey and New York. Not to mention the New York Stock Exchange was closed for two days after the storm. So much has happened with the media including reports nearly getting swept or blown away trying to report, some of New York’s biggest hospitals having to evacuate because generators failed, schools closings that can last all week, and not forgetting the power outages that are so widespread that workers are coming from other states as far as California to help restore the power. This storm was not like any others all of the conditions were perfect for it to bring the most destruction it could and it was only a category 1. I have often thought living in Jersey only meant that at it’s worst that we would get severe rain and wind and if we lost power it would be momentarily, this storm changed those thoughts. I also underestimated that power that a category 1 storm has, again I have been proven wrong. The pictures of trees that are hundreds of years old uprooted others dangerously leaning on power lines, the roller coaster at Seaside underwater, boardwalks gone, houses smashed as if made from balsa wood, and of Hoboken flooded will always be in my mind. Down here my house family watch news channels from New York about the conditions there even though they are in English.Maybe it is my desire to be with my loved ones at this time that really makes this hard for me and even though I talked to them when the storm passed and heard they were fine I still wish I could help in some way. I understand what my parents felt like when they heard a storm was in the Caribbean now and more. No one expected this to happen yea there were those worst case scenario predictions from scientist but we live in a society where we feel untouchable and maybe that is our  biggest downfall. I am not going to try to proselytize anyone but I feel God was trying to send a message (Disagree if you want but this is my blog). We aren’t as invincible as we think.I want to bring it back to the people in the Caribbean because this happens to them every year between June and November more than once. People in the Caribbean do not discriminate between tropical depressions up to hurricanes they prepare for both because they don’t know what will happen. They rebuild after each storm and that is how I would like to end this post with hope. I have always been against Chris Christie’s politics but I have to say his handling of the storm was really impressive and seeing him and the President put their political differences aside to concentrate on the people that were affected was inspiring and I hope in America this political polarization can pass and one person can have their views without being demonized by the others but that’s another topic. We will rebuild and come back from this but let Sandy be a reminder that nothing exists out of the realm of possibility any longer. My prayers are with the Northeast at this time and to my family and friends in the New Jersey and New York please stay safe while we get through this. Listen to the officials and remember that despite our many differences and shortcoming we are all human and we have to stick together through this. Until next time,

Peace and Love




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