Freedom from the Burning Chains

I know I have been slacking and I am sorry but I still have to write my other blog post about why blacks view some Latinos as black but that will be later. For right now I want to talk about the heat here. I am studying abroad in the Caribbean and of course with the amazing sun and beaches comes the heat ( I have not been able to wear all my favorite button ups because I am not down for feeling miserable later). Yesterday for me was the hottest day here so far. Where I live is about twenty minutes away from the school and I have to walk down streets that  barely have any trees to provide shade. Every time I get to class I am almost drenched with sweat and marvel at how I am the only one that appears to be sweaty but yesterday was different. It felt as if the heat was draining all of my energy despite the fact that I just had a large Dominican lunch. When I say the sun was hot it felt like I was crossing a desert (I honestly don’t know how people survive in those areas but God bless them). Now you might be wondering why did I decide to waste your time talking about heat after all I was going to study abroad in the Caribbean I had to know what I was getting myself into but don’t close this tab just yet. After I reached my class and was cooling down to prepare for class it hit me, I am complaining after walking in the Caribbean sun for twenty minutes when my ancestors had to cut sugarcane and do work in this heat all day for the majority of the year. That revelation really put everything in perspective. I feel the fact that I am able to sit down under a fan in a university classroom is really amazing. Considering that my ancestors were not allowed to learn to read or write made my being here on a study abroad is even more humbling. To think that they were once the property of someone else and here I am able to be taking classes in Spanish only a few hundred miles away at one of the most prestigious universities in Hispano America has opened my eyes to how far we have come from slavery. Although I am not as fluent as a native speaker I can hear and feel a difference in my speaking after almost two months (It’s really been two months). To know that I can enjoy all these opportunities and blessings that I have would not have been possible fifty years ago much less three hundred. I take this experience as more than learning in another country but also as a chance to do what they were not able to do and that is utilize my freedom. Well that is all for now folks and stay turned for my upcoming blog posts they are really going to explore my experience so far. Until next time


Peace and Love,


Khemani G.


P.S. while I was writing this I was writing things in Spanish so I guess that is a sign of progress =D


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