Slowly Climbing the Mountain

It’s been a week since I arrived in the Dominican Republic for four months and I can say the week was one of the longest in my recent memory. I am really excited about this experience because by the end I am hoping that I am able to speak Spanish sin problemas but not now. It is a little frustrating to know what you want to say but not being able to express it as clearly or as swiftly as I can in English. It’s like being trapped in your mind and not being able to express your feelings and ideas outside of the words and no. Although that has been my biggest headache so far I know that I am not the only person who has to deal with this issue. There are nineteen other US students who are also adjusting to a different country. Some of them can speak Spanish like nothing and blow me out of the water but that is one of my motivations to get better. I often find myself wanting to speak to people more even if I get frustrated that I cannot communicate without stopping after a few words. Just by being a little more outgoing than I normally am has helped me to being to gain a little more confidence in speaking Spanish so I will continue to use this technique. What really bothers me is when I figure out how to say something in my head but instead it comes out choppy or when I am speak fairly good and then I get to a word I don’t know how to say in Spanish and my sentence falls flat (sigh). Anyways I guess the speaking part has really allowed me to humble myself and realize that the reason I came here was to improve and learn. I personally know that I often feel that I have to be the best in order to learn but I am realizing you can’t learn to climb a mountain if you already live on top of that mountain, you have to start from the bottom and slowly work your way up until you get better. It’s a cliche but it is really true it’s not about the destination but the journey that it took to get there. Well I’ll talk more about my cultural adventures later just wanted to write a post expressing how I feel because it’s been a minute. 

Until next time!


Peace and Love,


Khemani G.


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