Race against Society:Criticism of the London Olympics

The London Olympics was really amazing but there were some events that kind of made me go huh?


1. Opening Ceremony: 

I felt the opening ceremony was good (not as amazing as China’s) but it sufficed. I appreciated the organizers for giving others from around the world a better glimpse into the history of Great Britain. When they were talking of the country’s country life and how the Industrial revolution began I was expecting for the S word to come next. Of course in true “we don’t want to focus on our wrongs in the past” fashion slavery was completely omitted from the narrative of how Great Britain became powerful. Okay I understand to an EXTENT why the planning committee may have left it out because of it’s touchy nature and let’s be honest a lot of people want to forget that slavery happened. But to them I say why? If it was not for slavery Britain would not have been able to become the domineering world power it did. It may seem like a hard thing to plan into a ceremony that is supposed to celebrate British culture but I don’t think you can have a fully appreciation for how far Britain has come without highlighting the good and the bad. And some might say well they didn’t discuss all the wars that Britain was involved in and to that I answer well honestly the wars were crucial to British history as well but slavery made British rich because of sugar and later tobacco and other crops. It is the wealth produced from slavery that indirectly helped to fund the Industrial revolution and the expeditions to begin colonizing other countries. My hope for Rio 2016 is that they do highlight how slavery or their African heritage helped to contribute to make them the nation that they are today. After all Brazil received the most African slaves and slavery wasn’t outlawed until 1888.

2. Lolo Jones , beauty and the media

The Lolo Jones controversy was really bad in my eyes. The fact a reporter felt it was okay to talk about a person like that is sad. Although he was too aggressive in his approach to the situation he did have some valid points. The way America society is set up is that they look for the interesting beauty. Same thing that happened during slavery and continues to happen now, lightskinned blacks are looked at as more attractive by the general population for a multitude of reasons that I will not get into. Lolo Jones looks like she could be white but isn’t and has a nice tan color that makes many wonder what she is.  I have to agree with the writer though that Americans can be gullible to fall for the media’s tricks. Dawn Harper the winner of the 100m hurdles in Beijing got no attention from the media I didn’t even find out who she was until she won silver this year. What floored me is what followed how she was questioned about not receiving respect from the media. I completely agree with her answer that she was not highlighted although she could have had an equally compelling story as Lolo. Let me say this I felt the comment was made without bad intentions but the way she came off sounded a little bitter and who wouldn’t be. If I  won one gold medal and trained hard and overcame struggles and didn’t receive any attention from the media while someone else did I would feel discouraged but that’s just me. The comments were taken to far by the media and it just looked bad on Harper. This whole misunderstand just goes bad to the idea of beauty I feel Dawn Harper is a beautiful darkskinned woman but again that does not compare to the American ideal. I say all that to say I disliked how this idea of beauty reared its ugly head during the Olympics and black athletes have to be careful not to get trapped in the media questions about issues of attention 


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