Wi Likkle but wi Tallawah: Jamaica’s 12 medals and what they mean to me

This post is a day late but it will cover a lot of the articles I have been posting on my page. First let me start by saying I have always loved the Olympics ever since I first watched it back in 2000. This Olympics has by far been the most fulfilling for me for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is the fact that I am so proud of the country of my birth Jamaica and many might say you live in America you should be cheering for America to that I ask why? Just because America has a dominance in the Olympics does not mean I should automatically cheer for it. I for one am a fan of the “mistaken” underdog (Jamaica clearly was not an underdog it is just some people were sleeping on mi likkle country again). Jamaica is a country of only 2.7 million people plus about another 2.6 million living abroad so for such a small nation to be able to finish 18 out of 79 countries that medaled is truly amazing. The fact that we finished third in the track and field events is also remarkable. Maybe this extreme pride I had this year had to do with my trip to Jamaica at the beginning of the year just the idea of my feet touching the place I was born must of revitalized the Jamaican in me. I always have been Jamaican and claimed my Jamaican identity but because I was raised in America and do not have a Jamaican accent it is sometimes hard for me to convince others that I am Jamaican. So by supporting the Jamaican athletes I was able to connect again with my country and share in the pride when our athletes won but also when they just represented. Some Jamaicans get upset at certain athletes for not finishing, medaling, or if they do medal but it isn’t gold when in reality you cannot win everything. A few years ago Jamaica was not receiving much and had it not been for athletes like Asafa Powell (Much love man I admire you), Veronica Campbell Brown (beautiful lady), and others Jamaican athletes, later athletes such as Usain Bolt and Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce would be the leaders in the Jamaican takeover. My country is now expanding beyond just track and field and that is obvious with people such as Alia Atkinson who finished fourth in the 100m breaststroke (not bad only hundredths of a second away from bronze next she’ll medal for sure), Kennenth Edwards for representing in taekwondo and Samantha Albert for recovering from her horse slipping in Equestrian to finish the course. Also all the track athletes who did not get the same attention of others such as Hansle Parchment who won bronze in the 100 m hurdles Jamaica’s first ever hurdles medal. What about Warren Weir who came from behind to help secure Jamaica’s clean sweep in the 200m final. Again this Olympics has really been special to me I remembering how down I felt on the plane leaving Jamaica and this Olympics helped me to connect with my fellow countrymen and women to celebrate not only Jamaica’s performance in the Olympics but also my country’s 50th year of independence. After Bolt’s win in the 100m posting the second fastest time ever in that event (the only faster time was his World record) his image was projected on Westminister palace in London. The irony of this is that basically Jamaica came back to its former colonizer and conquered on the eve of the 50th Independence day. Let me set the record straight I love America too after all I was raised as a Jamaican in America so I can identify with Americans easier in SOME respects but for the most part I am culturally Jamaican and these Olympics gave me the chance to show my pride. Let’s be honest America has a lot of supporters they won’t miss my little cheers. Well that is all for now look out my next post of this series examining America and its black athletes and what their wins mean until then,

Peace and love,




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