So I started a blog?

Never thought I would start a blog but several of my friends have suggested it to me especially since I’m getting ready to study abroad for a semester in the Dominican Republic.  Other reasons I started this blog are 1.I have been  looking for a hobby besides facebooking and tweeting, and 2. I have really become more socially conscious within the last year and I want to be able to express my feelings about certain events taking place in the world I am growing up in. I want to become a successful person and this blog is to be my journal of my journey to reaching that goal. I plan on sharing things that make me upset especially things pertaining to being black in America. I am very race conscious and I believe that it is an issue in America that has often been swept under the rug. My blog will not shy away from discussing race as it pertains to me. With all that has happened in the past year alone concerning race such as the blatant disrespect of President Obama by opposition leaders (i.e. Arizona governor yelling at him and wagging her finger in his face), a former Florida Republican leader admitting to reforming voter registration laws in hopes of crippling the black vote,  the Trayvon Martin shooting, and even more recently TJ Holmes being pulled over by police to have his insurance checked (posted the link to thegrio article below) I find it hard to believe that America has moved on to be a post-racial society. I will not only talk about race but also my cultural identity. I was born in Jamaica but came to America as a baby so there is the constant internal struggle of who am I? Am I Jamaican because I know the culture, although I do not have the accent of a Jamaican making many assume I am African American. When I recently went to Jamaica I was viewed as American but in America I feel Jamaican. It’s just like W.E.B DuBois’s idea of double consciousness (that’s another blog post). This blog will be here to unpack so heavy issues that pertain to my life such as being a college student preparing to go to grad school. I am also a fervent Pentecostal which has a huge influence on my values and beliefs.  At times based on the society I live in, my beliefs are often challenged and I have been learning to listen to others while not compromising my values. So there it is my first blog post the first of many I hope. I am actually really excited for how this can turn out. Until next time!

Peace and Love,



TJ Holmes Driving while black article


4 thoughts on “So I started a blog?

  1. I agree with your view of a “post-racial” America. To outside countries, the US looks promising which is contrary to native borns. African Americans are the least favored race and we pretty much built the country. Looking forward to future blog posts.

  2. I am happy that you started your own blog yaay 🙂 Second i agree with your view of a “post-racial” America. As an African American were are one of the least favored race , but without African Americans there would be no America! Historically , we have had laws, scientists conduct research to prove that we weren’t human beings, but yet these same none human beings has done so much for this country. Amen 🙂 Preach Khemani ! I have a lot to say but i have homework lol

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